GOOD EVENING HUNS (if you watch Imogen Hudson on Youtube YOU KNOW! It's caught on and I can't help but say it, sorry...)

I hope you're well. Yes this is my third post of the week, and yes it's going to be a permanent thing. I have had a MASSIVE change and have finally organised my sh*t. I can't talk all the credit though, Landrine (Twitter: @Landrinerr) has been a huge, huge help and even typed up a personalised blog planner for me, and YES I'm sticking to it! I'm so happy. 

If that doesn't prove how good, easy and flexible my blog plan must be then I don't know what will. If you need help organising your blogging life then definitely hit her up!

However, I will explain my new, improved and organised life with you in another post if that's something you'd be interested in reading/learning (just let me know below). 

As for this post, I am sharing with you this very cute and simple sleeveless tailored waistcoat, so to find out more just hit that link below...

I bought this from Topshop last year (or even the year before) in the summer, you know when waistcoats were a HUGE hit to the fashion industry? 

I can see why though, they're lightweight, mine in particular is simple in design and colour, it's super easy to throw over any look and they do look totally effortless. I have to admit, I have hardly worn this since I bought it (when the novelty of new purchases wears off) last year, but I don't know why? As I said this is a super easy and quick cover up during the summer; over a colourful maxi dress in the evenings or even shorts and skirts. It's versatile and comfy, thin and lightweight and plain in colour so basically every colour will match it. 

Whats else do you need?

- Jacket: Topshop (similar above)
- Top: Primark red bodysuit
- Glasses: Aldo 'Canaglia'
*similar items linked

I have linked some similar waistcoats below for you because, as I said I bought this a while ago, so it is not available. However, the range of waistcoats available is so wide; you can have longline, short, with sleeves and without sleeves, thick material, thin material, brightly coloured or neutral. Granted they're not as popular as they were when they were first released, however that just means you have more a chance of getting one for a bargain just as an easy throw-on piece for your summer wardrobe.  

- House Of Fraser Waistcoats
Shop around on your favourite sites and I guarantee you'll find bargain!

Thanks for reading this post guys, I hope you enjoyed it and like my outfit; your opinions do matter to me. If you would style this waistcoat any other way then do let me know I'd love to know your thoughts!

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