Happy Monday guys!

Hope you're well. Today I have a rather different post for you because, well, I've never been 'nominated' for something like this before. I am bringing to you the Liebester Awards which involves bloggers choosing other bloggers to answer the questions that they have set for them. 

Firstly, a big thank you to my hun, Landrine, for nominating me! 

Now, I will answer Landrine's questions:

1 - If you could wear on shade of lipstick for the rest of your, what would it be and why?


2 - Where do you see yourself and your blog 10 years from now?

Quite stereotypically, I do love the idea of being a full time blogger, working with fashion, constantly writing and going on cute travels is heaven to my ears. I would also like to be using my degree (Fashion Journalism), so if I could travel and write about fashion and just basically be surrounded by fashion as a full time job I would be so happy. #Goals

3 - What is your go to alcoholic drink?

Mojito! Erryday. Single. Day.
I am partial to Prosecco/Champagnes for occasions though, oh and a Vodka & Coke in the club.  

4 - Fave makeup brand?

This is difficult because I love all brands for different things, I'd say Sleek Makeup though, you all know how much I adore the Solstice Highlighter Palette!

5 - If you were a handbag, what bag would you be?

This is a hard one. Definitely made from leather, in a large tote style (because I keep EVERYTHING in my handbag), probably of a plain colour as well because then it would be easier to style...

If I have to pick a designer/brand though, I think DIOR bags are stunning (obviously!), the Celiné nude bag (regularly seen on Instagram is gorgeous)...I'm sorry, I just can't choose my favourite! I love everything!

Next to nominate 5 bloggers:

1 - Josephine (Twitter: @SweetJojo24)
2 - Sarah Jane Potter (Twitter: @sarahhhhrah)
3 - Chaymae Samir (Twitter: @chaymaesmr
4 - Lee-Ann (Twitter: @BeamingLily)
5 - Liz Breygel (Twitter: @LizBreygel)

Which means finally, here are my 5 questions to you:

1 - What is your go to piece of clothing? 
2 - Favourite type of shoe (flats, heels, wedges, trainers etc)?
3 - Why did you start your blog? If not a blog, your Youtube channel?
4 - Favourite city in the world?
5 - What fake tan do you use?

I hope you enjoyed todays post guys, sorry it was short and different. BUT DON'T WORRY, A NEW VIDEO WILL BE GOING LIVE TOMORROW ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL so you will have more of me then.  

Thanks for reading huns! Also, if you're a new blogger give me a shout as I'd love to get to know you and provide any help (if I can), and just give you a warm welcome into the community. We all needs friends don't we?

You can find me:
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Twitter: @MaevesFashion

Snapchat: maeve.x 
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Maeve xox