About Me

Hi guys,

My name is Maeve Jarret and I am an 19-year-old student studying Fashion Journalism at the Universiy for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Epsom, Surrey.

Photo: 2015 college summer ball

I am a very keen fashionista with high career goals that are (obviously) to do with the fashion industry. I have always wanted to become a Fashion Journalist and I can happily admit (with a giant smiley-grin) that I am now on the path towards that dream.

The Story So Far...

I am studying at UCA in Epsom, where I have been lucky enough to meet great people who I can tell I will be friends with for a long time! I have to admit the most daunting thing about moving away to university is the thought of making friends with people who you have never met before - I know every student feels that way - but actually, the process wasn't as scary as I expected because at the end of the day we're all in the same boat.

I did have other university options in which I was unsuccessful at, but who isn't? Getting declined from those places, one of which I was rather heart broken about, was a very big life lesson! It was definitely one of the first rejections I have really received from anyone within the fashion industry, and it gave me an insight into how it feels.

However, at this point in my life I am so over that rejection and totally in love with the fact that I am an official student at UCA with many more years of happiness and I'm sure rejection, but we'll hit those hurdles when they appear.

**(I have officially finished my first year at uni guys, yay! Read my 'Finishing Uni' post here!)**

Back to the blog...

Welcome to my fashion, lifestyle, gossip and more fashion blog! I hope you enjoy the content and if you have any question/advice/comments then just tap the 'Contact ' tab above for how to do just that!

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my posts, and I hope to speak to you guys in the comments below or on other social media posts!

Maeve xox